Wet Basement Troubles

1. French Drain problems begin as they slowly become clogged by sediment. A basement leak can cause water to seep inside the hollow voids of the masonry creating damp walls that will dissolve water soluble elements such as calcium, lime, and other minerals out of your cement.

2. Once french drains become blocked, temperature also plays a role in basement flooding. Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction in your masonry structures. This continuous motion allows many points of entry for water to follow in through.The source of leakage in many basements occurs at the seam where the masonry wall meets the concrete floor.

3. Because blocked french drains can no longer drain properly, water building up below ground level, exerts force, causing water to seep up through cracks and seams in the floor. Pools of water will often form at low points in the floor.

4. Heavy wet soil, the result of french drain failure, can exert a significant amount of force against your vulnerable basement walls and is another source of basement flooding. Wet basement walls will often crack or buckle. The cost often involved with foundation repair because of buckling or cracks is avoidable if proper steps are taken.

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Basement Wall Leakage


1. DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME: - Rotted wood, soaked insulation, deteriorated carpets and ruined appliances are all inevitable results of having wet basement problems.

2. TERMITES AND CARPENTER ANTS: - These moisture loving insects find your basement leaks irresistible! Whether you have light basement flooding or a simple leak, the wetness creates the perfect environment and breeding grounds for these most unwelcome guests. Water bugs, centipedes and spiders also enjoy homes with basement water problems.

The truth is, most insect control services won't even give you a guarantee on their services without repairing the problem first.

3. ELECTRICAL WIRING CONCERNS: - Moisture and water inside your walls and insulation are perfect conductors of electrical currents.Moist electrical outlets and plugs can set up a real threat of electrical shock.


PROPERTY RESALE VALUES ARE DIMINISHED: - Historical data shows that people are unwilling to buy a home with basement flood or leak problems. The resale value of your home will likely fall by 25% or more as a result of water leakage. Efforts to sell a home with a wet basement can be extremely difficult. Many realtors frown on trying to sell a property with water in the basement and will counsel their clients to fix basement leaks before putting their home on the market.

Fixing a water problem and foundation waterproofing should be high priorities for any home owner. The first thing that should be checked is your sump pump to make sure that water is being drained before it reaches your basement floor. A failure in a sump pump can end up costing a home owner much more than the cost of replacing the sump pump.

Clogged French Drains
If your French drain has become blocked, hydrostatic pressure can build up and cause problems. French drains are usually only filtered by the outdated methods surrounding them. Mud and sediment can build up around or inside the drain pipes rendering them useless. Usually, a French drain has a limited life and is only meant to work until the soil around the home becomes naturally compacted to resist rainfall.

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