Use the Wet Basement Analyzer Tool to identify what type of problem you have
in your basement and to determine what type of repairs you need to fix your problem.



Click on the option that BEST describes your basement problem.

Choose the WORST condition you have ever experienced.


Basement Dampness - Peeling Paint - Musty Odors - Rusty Metal Objects But, NO ACTUAL WATER is visible

Walls get damp spots but NO ACTUAL WATER is leaking onto the floor

Water stains or white, powdery residue on walls

Water in a Finished Basement, stains on the base of paneling or wall board

Leaks originating directly from the wall, but, above floor level

Puddles, trickles or small streams of water on floor

Water coming up through floor cracks

Accumulated water or deep water on basement floor.

Water leaking down from the very TOP of basement wall(s)

Walls Buckling, Bowing or Settling

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