Rigid Sealer® Wall Panels

B-Dry's® Rigid Sealer® Wall Panels provide a decorative finish for your basement walls while providing a dependable waterproofing barrier between your damp masonry or stone basement walls and the room's interior.

Rigid Sealer® Wall Panels are perfect for basement remodeling because they provide a permanent waterproof protection for wooden studs, insulation and wallboard materials

B-Dry® Rigid Sealer® Wall Panels are extruded from a special formula plastic-polymer and formed into attractive waterproof sheets. It's unique characteristics provide for the uniform expansion and contraction of the foundation while effectively spanning cracked masonry surfaces and other defects in your foundation walls. Rigid Sealer® Wall Panels are an integral part of the patented B-Dry® waterproofing system.

Anti - Toxic
Anti - Smoke
Anti - Flame

Waterproofing Basement Walls is Easy with B-Dry®
Rigid Sealer® wall panels

B-Dry® Rigid Sealer®


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