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For decades, thousands of satisfied homeowners have relied on The B-Dry System to solve their wet basement problems.

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Water or dampness in a finished basement

Water or Dampness in a
Finished Basement

Basements with wallboard and carpeting present somewhat of a challenge to diagnose. When you can't see the actual masonry basement walls, it is difficult to determine the source or cause of the leakage.

Paneling may have to be removed

Your sheetrock or paneling may have to be removed to identify the nature of the problem. When you consider the fact that these materials may have to be removed anyway to make the repairs, you might want to do so now so you can get an accurate idea of what is going on behind the studding; otherwise, you may be just "guessing".

Remedies: Generally, water problems in a wet finished basement will require the same materials and techniques as waterproofing a regular basement. Once your wall covering is removed:

Use the Wet Basement Analyzer program buttons below
to determine the nature of your problem.

Damp basement walls Rusty Metal - No water is seen Musty Odors - No water is seen Efflorescence - White powder on walls Wet carpet Puddles or small streams Water gets deep Water is coming up through the floor Top of wall is wet Walls are buckling or bowing