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Leakage over the top of basement walls

Leakage Over The Top of
Basement Walls

Water stains or signs of leakage at the very top of your wet basement walls suggests that you have a surface water problem or grading issue outside. If the slope of your land allows water to drain toward your foundation, water can accumulate next to your home and spill over the basement walls.

Your yard surface may also be "higher" than the masonry foundation. This situation not only leads to basement wall leakage problems but can also create an insect problem. Building codes require the soil level to be lower than the top of the masonry foundation to prevent water seepage problems and to keep underground insects from burrowing into your wooden floor sills and siding.

Another reason for this problem can be an uncovered deck or porch that was not flashed properly where it connects to the home. Water from the deck can be spilling back toward the home causing water to spill over top of the basement walls.

Surface Water Solutions: You should walk around your home during a heavy rain storm to see how surface water behaves around your home. Look for streams of water heading toward your foundation or water ponding next to your home.

The correction of this type problem will probably require a professional landscaper because some heavy equipment or machinery will be needed to re-slope your property and allow surface water to drain away.

If the ground level next to your home is higher than the concrete foundation, the soil level will have to be lowered and graded to slope "away" from your home.

Rain gutters and downspouts

Rain Gutters & Downspouts: Check your rain gutters to see if they are spilling over. If so, they need repairs or to be cleaned so that water does not spill over directly against your foundation.

Repair any disconnected or leaking pipes and make sure down spouts are extended away from your home. If they go underground, find out where they exit the water because the underground pipes could be clogged with leaves.

Deck & Porch Flashing: Check to see if your problem inside directly corresponds with the location of your porch or deck outside. If so, it's probably not a coincidence. You'll need to contact an experienced deck or siding professional to see if the flashing was installed correctly where the deck is attached to the home.